Sunday, August 02, 2009

Online shops

Bugger, these things take forever to get up. I probably take forever as I analyze every little bit and rewrite everything a ton of times, but goodness, what a pain. I hope they get visited!

I have been busy taking pictures (aka relearning how to use my camera) and figuring out how to get all this stuff moving.

I've added links to the shops on my website and blog pages.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Let it begin...

Well, at long last, I think I'm ready to begin posting online in the shops and this blog. Friday is my torch work day, but I plan to spend some time posting the cleaned work from the week before. So hopefully going forward that will happen at a regular interval.

I received an enthusastic response to the design I created for commission work. The final is nothing like the preliminary designs, but I'm pleased with the result. This is a deep amethyst color with dichroic layer. Now I just have to do the other two sets and this job is done.

Of course, part of this process requires me to remember how to use my camera beyond the point and click. LOL!