Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Water colored tiles

I have wanted to try doing some random watercolor washed tiles. I didn't do anything special besides grabbing a brush, water, palette, and big sheet of watercolor paper. I brushed on random colors and strokes. These watercolors were pearlescent which is kinda pretty. I let them dry and about a month later I finally finished cutting them all. And about two weeks later, I am doing this post! Lol!!! Not one of my faster moving experiments for sure.

Anyway, here are those tiles post cutting.

Here's a tile I completed a couple days ago. I was just messing around with one of the tiles and my 0.1 Copic Multiliner (💖 these Mutiliners!!) only. I have been using a bunch of pen thicknesses but I went back to the single pen on this. 

The experience was OK. I do believe that I'll go back to the multiple pens. I actually may try my Sharpie pens on it next time. The feel of the pen on this paper is very different than the tiles or printer paper I have been using. And not at all happy with the pencil shading. Well not the pencil so much as my poor paper blending stump that got overworked. Anyway, I will try it again. 

Below is a tile I did when I first made these watercolor washed tiles. I believe I used either my Micron and/or Sharpie markers on this one.. I don't remember disliking the feel of the pen on this tile as much as the above one. But it's been awhile... 

Well, that's it for now. Have a great day!!! 😊✨

Sunday, August 17, 2014

OMG, it's up and available!!!

After hours of setting things up, scanning, etc.. (I miss my old PC that was all set to do this type of thing!), my little rose tile is available for product purchases from Society6. Eepers jeepers, I'm excited!!!
Cover (+insert) available from Society6

Yes, I bought some items myself. And I guess I shouldn't exaggerate the 'hours' for setup. It was actually pretty quick, just time consuming when you're dealing with an infant and running around doing house stuff, kid taxis etc..

I'm feeling pretty proud of this tile. And to see it on the products is so very exciting. It looks like it'll make a fantastic pillow! But I got another tote.. (I know, I love totes though! and my DT one is surviving my usage very well) and the print itself.

I hope if you like it, maybe you'll get something too. And of course, tell me about it!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Can't stop rocking and rolling!!

The Doodling Together folks have started a new project -- the letter C! Yayayayaya! So I took (err claimed) a full unstrung tile in the middle of the letter.. And planned on other tangles but alas, I fell back to two of my favorites. Diva Dance - Rock and Roll (yeah yet again) and Flux.  Lots of rolling waves in both the R&R and Flux vine. I love the movement or perhaps I'm just straight line impaired. And well, add the letter C with a big huge rose-like thing in it.. and you get... Come on say it!

Anyway, since I had a full square without any predetermined bold black string lines.. I decided to do it on an official Zentangle tile. So here it is. Let me know what you think. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

My first Diva Challenge entry and Bijou tile

Diva Challenge #179 - Be Like Bijou

So I've finally (albeit late I think) did my first entry into the Diva Challenge thingy.. I've done other tiles but not submitted them, this is my first. You can learn about the Bijou tiles at the official site: I love the Diva Dance tangle (I believe this is Rock and Roll). It always makes a beautiful rose look, so why not emphasize it.. I mean after all.. A rose is a rose is a rose... :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lots of Firsts

My first gifted tile.

It was done using watercolor pencils on an authentic tile (both coloring and coloring on the tile were firsts). My first alphabetical design. And last but not least.. Gifted for a little girl's 1st birthday.

I used some favorites ( flux and zingers) but also first use of others! One more lingering firsts!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Doodling Together tiles - DT2

This next round of tiles was from the completed Doodling Together - DT2. Katherine creates this huge image with 100 tiles that people from all over the world complete. This is an iOS application where you choose your tile. It then gets emailed to you in PDF format that you can print or copy your individual string to a tile. You doodle it as desired, then take a photo of it and submit it back to the project. It's really cool to see the images come in as tile by tile is completed. Then you get a finished PDF sent to you when all tiles are submitted and complete. Then Katherine does her imaging magic to balance the color, etc of the individual tiles. She then submits it so that you can purchase some cool products thru Society6. In my earlier post on a review of the products I purchased, you can see images of what they look like. I still love love LOVE my bag that I got and it is weathering my usage well!
Anyway, below are tiles that I completed. And here's the link to Katherine's post with the full image.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Doodling Together tiles - Big A

I have been behind in posting. Here are tiles I completed in Katherine's Doodle Together app. The full graphic is the letter A. In each of these tiles, I used at least one new tangle that I hadn't drawn before. Here's a link to Katherine's post of the completed image:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some more from the notebook and a few beta test tiles

I've had some time to doodle in my notebook again. I was trying some of the past challenges that are out there. Here I have using my initials as the string (left doodle). Can you see the C and R? Hehehe.. that was fun and different. I tried using some new as well as old tangles. And I totally messed up the daggerly circle but oh well.
The right doodle was just a random string where I was playing with borders and tangles. Oh, and I forgot.. I decided to outline tiles onto the page.. I can fit two in this notebook of the standard 3.5x3.5 Zentangle tiles on a page. So here I was going back to more of the traditional Zentangles versus the ZIA projects that I usually do in my notebook.

This was a section of the K drawing in the Doodling Together beta testing. I messed this up too.. LOL. I was trying to play with contrast and tones in this. My plan was to make the letter portion dark. I did this by using a darker fill pattern but also making it a smaller scale so it was even denser and automatically bringing out the letter part. I wanted to contrast it with the diamond shaped object in the tile and at the same time NOT lose the tile into the background. I have been playing with breaking up large sections with multi sized and shaped Paradox patterns. So that's what I did this one with. I then planned on making the background a dense grey. I had wanted to use patterns that created light fills with linear patterns. I confused myself by putting in the Florz. I meant to put in another linear pattern that filled it as the other corners were done. Oh well.. there are no mistakes right?? :)
I finally did my Easter Eggs! This is in my notebook in a 3.5 inch framed tile. I used half of an actual plastic Easter egg to make the string. It was the perfect size for the tile. These were fun.
This is the last tile I completed for the K drawing for the beta test. I was just redoing some patterns I had done before but not frequently. I was trying to keep the other two areas simple while still filling the letter with a darker pattern.

That's it for now!

Monday, April 21, 2014

4 more co-op tiles (#5)

These four tiles brought me up to the 20th tile in the 100 beta test compilation. So I felt it was time to take it easy and stop being such a tile hog.

 Mostly new tangles.. and my auras still suck big time.. But I do like this tile.
In this tile I was playing with some tangles I hadn't done in awhile and trying to keep an organic light and dark thing going on.. I don't know if it quite succeeded.. but this is what came out.
Back to basics.. The oldies but goodies of tangles. Auras are bleh!
This was a fun tile. I love paradox.. so I split up the top panel into different ones of different sizes and angles. I obviously had to get my puffle in and the others were ones that I just wanted to try as I hadn't done them before. And that was my 20th tile! :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Next batch of co-op tiles (#4)

Another batch of tiles. I was experimenting yet again.. And like normal, I start with following directions then I go my own way with stuff. I think I can fake it and say I'm doing tangleations.. yeah!!!
So I like my puffle and the lace/spiderweb I did in this one.
Again more tangles that I usually don't or have ever done.. so it was kind of fun...
More experiments. Lots of fun in this one. I like this tile. It came out mostly how I wanted.. though I really need to work on my auras.  
And again.. yet more experimenting with tangles.. I loved the top portion of this one but the bottom was a fail.. oops.. oh well it happens.. oh wait, it became what it was supposed to be.. yeah.. the zen way :)

Products from beta test - society6

In Katherine's Doodling Together application, we're testing products from finished compilations of tiles. Seeing as how I'd like to do some similar stuff, plus I think this co-op thing is so awesome, I ordered two items.
This was the large 18x18 canvas tote bag. I love the fact that the print is ALL around the bag.. it's as awesome in person as I thought it was on the webpage. I noticed in my picture the left side is kinda blurry. It's not like that in person, that was just weird focusing on my behalf.
 Close up

 Another close up

 I was a little concerned with the fade on the above left tile, but realized that was how it was done and not an error in the transfer to the canvas.
 another of the lower part of the bag

 The outer side seam.

 The bottom has no physical seam but as you can see they flipped the print at that point.. I think it looks really cool. Maybe I'm biased since that's my Flux ;) lol...

 So yes, this bag is my doodling carryall. I wanted to see how well it held up to what I usually cart around with me while I'm running the kids around.

 I wanted to show the inside work. Nice finished edges, double stitched on the handles.. typical but good stuff.

More of the same done on the side seams.
The canvas bag appears to be nice and sturdy. The artwork shows up nicely. From a distance it's gorgeous and up close it's just as gorgeous. The canvas gives the artwork a texture that you can see up close but I didn't feel like it detracted at all. It's like working on the actual Zentangle tiles.
I ordered the bag on April 11th before 12pm PST. I was notified that it was shipped from Georgia on April 14th. It arrived on my doorstep April 17th before 10am PST. It was wrapped and sealed in a plastic clear bag which was in the plastic bag mailer.
The second item I purchased was a set of 3 5x7 folded cards. These were printed in Southern California. I purchased at the same time and received them at the same time.
 This is the card itself. Very clean print. Nice blank card, no logo or anything on it besides the print on the front panel. Very cleanly scored.

 They came in a plastic sleeve. These are the other two with the envelopes still in the sleeve.
 They came in the cardboard mailer with additional cardboard on the front and back to ensure the cards were safe.
All in all, I'm very pleased with the results. I think the quality of the products are there. I feel the price was reasonable with the quality received. The packaging was safe for the products. The shipping to me was reasonably quick. I don't know if larger quantities would take longer. But I was happy to know that I would get it within the week of the order.
For US customers, I think this is a great option.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doodle notebook #3

A couple of older ones from my notebook that I had completed before I got sucked into doing the crazy number of tiles in the beta test :)

Here I was experimenting with different tangles that I hadn't drawn very much if at all before.
In this one, I was playing with more of the organic tangles. I suddenly got into a flowery run.. which I was completely opposed to since I like a lot more of the geometric shapes.. But I let loose with the organics then got cocky and went to do a dragonfly and ended up with a strange butterfly that ruined it for me.. LOL.. so this one isn't quite completed.. I may come back to it someday but for now it is what it is...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tax time and the next batch of co-op tiles (#3)

OK, so I've dropped off as I finished my last two weeks off my day job. And this week, I'm finishing up those wonderful taxes... joy of joys! It was much easier before even while claiming a business.. Now I'm joining up taxes with my husband.. and it's a bit more complicated.. OK, a lot more. Hehehe.. So I'll be blasting posts off again soon but here's some more co-op tiles that were completed for the project beta testing.