Friday, April 18, 2014

Products from beta test - society6

In Katherine's Doodling Together application, we're testing products from finished compilations of tiles. Seeing as how I'd like to do some similar stuff, plus I think this co-op thing is so awesome, I ordered two items.
This was the large 18x18 canvas tote bag. I love the fact that the print is ALL around the bag.. it's as awesome in person as I thought it was on the webpage. I noticed in my picture the left side is kinda blurry. It's not like that in person, that was just weird focusing on my behalf.
 Close up

 Another close up

 I was a little concerned with the fade on the above left tile, but realized that was how it was done and not an error in the transfer to the canvas.
 another of the lower part of the bag

 The outer side seam.

 The bottom has no physical seam but as you can see they flipped the print at that point.. I think it looks really cool. Maybe I'm biased since that's my Flux ;) lol...

 So yes, this bag is my doodling carryall. I wanted to see how well it held up to what I usually cart around with me while I'm running the kids around.

 I wanted to show the inside work. Nice finished edges, double stitched on the handles.. typical but good stuff.

More of the same done on the side seams.
The canvas bag appears to be nice and sturdy. The artwork shows up nicely. From a distance it's gorgeous and up close it's just as gorgeous. The canvas gives the artwork a texture that you can see up close but I didn't feel like it detracted at all. It's like working on the actual Zentangle tiles.
I ordered the bag on April 11th before 12pm PST. I was notified that it was shipped from Georgia on April 14th. It arrived on my doorstep April 17th before 10am PST. It was wrapped and sealed in a plastic clear bag which was in the plastic bag mailer.
The second item I purchased was a set of 3 5x7 folded cards. These were printed in Southern California. I purchased at the same time and received them at the same time.
 This is the card itself. Very clean print. Nice blank card, no logo or anything on it besides the print on the front panel. Very cleanly scored.

 They came in a plastic sleeve. These are the other two with the envelopes still in the sleeve.
 They came in the cardboard mailer with additional cardboard on the front and back to ensure the cards were safe.
All in all, I'm very pleased with the results. I think the quality of the products are there. I feel the price was reasonable with the quality received. The packaging was safe for the products. The shipping to me was reasonably quick. I don't know if larger quantities would take longer. But I was happy to know that I would get it within the week of the order.
For US customers, I think this is a great option.

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  1. The bag looks so good! I really can't wait for mine to come now! :o)