Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lots of Firsts

My first gifted tile.

It was done using watercolor pencils on an authentic tile (both coloring and coloring on the tile were firsts). My first alphabetical design. And last but not least.. Gifted for a little girl's 1st birthday.

I used some favorites ( flux and zingers) but also first use of others! One more lingering firsts!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Doodling Together tiles - DT2

This next round of tiles was from the completed Doodling Together - DT2. Katherine creates this huge image with 100 tiles that people from all over the world complete. This is an iOS application where you choose your tile. It then gets emailed to you in PDF format that you can print or copy your individual string to a tile. You doodle it as desired, then take a photo of it and submit it back to the project. It's really cool to see the images come in as tile by tile is completed. Then you get a finished PDF sent to you when all tiles are submitted and complete. Then Katherine does her imaging magic to balance the color, etc of the individual tiles. She then submits it so that you can purchase some cool products thru Society6. In my earlier post on a review of the products I purchased, you can see images of what they look like. I still love love LOVE my bag that I got and it is weathering my usage well!
Anyway, below are tiles that I completed. And here's the link to Katherine's post with the full image.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Doodling Together tiles - Big A

I have been behind in posting. Here are tiles I completed in Katherine's Doodle Together app. The full graphic is the letter A. In each of these tiles, I used at least one new tangle that I hadn't drawn before. Here's a link to Katherine's post of the completed image: