Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Water colored tiles

I have wanted to try doing some random watercolor washed tiles. I didn't do anything special besides grabbing a brush, water, palette, and big sheet of watercolor paper. I brushed on random colors and strokes. These watercolors were pearlescent which is kinda pretty. I let them dry and about a month later I finally finished cutting them all. And about two weeks later, I am doing this post! Lol!!! Not one of my faster moving experiments for sure.

Anyway, here are those tiles post cutting.

Here's a tile I completed a couple days ago. I was just messing around with one of the tiles and my 0.1 Copic Multiliner (💖 these Mutiliners!!) only. I have been using a bunch of pen thicknesses but I went back to the single pen on this. 

The experience was OK. I do believe that I'll go back to the multiple pens. I actually may try my Sharpie pens on it next time. The feel of the pen on this paper is very different than the tiles or printer paper I have been using. And not at all happy with the pencil shading. Well not the pencil so much as my poor paper blending stump that got overworked. Anyway, I will try it again. 

Below is a tile I did when I first made these watercolor washed tiles. I believe I used either my Micron and/or Sharpie markers on this one.. I don't remember disliking the feel of the pen on this tile as much as the above one. But it's been awhile... 

Well, that's it for now. Have a great day!!! 😊✨

Sunday, August 17, 2014

OMG, it's up and available!!!

After hours of setting things up, scanning, etc.. (I miss my old PC that was all set to do this type of thing!), my little rose tile is available for product purchases from Society6. Eepers jeepers, I'm excited!!!
Cover (+insert) available from Society6

Yes, I bought some items myself. And I guess I shouldn't exaggerate the 'hours' for setup. It was actually pretty quick, just time consuming when you're dealing with an infant and running around doing house stuff, kid taxis etc..

I'm feeling pretty proud of this tile. And to see it on the products is so very exciting. It looks like it'll make a fantastic pillow! But I got another tote.. (I know, I love totes though! and my DT one is surviving my usage very well) and the print itself.

I hope if you like it, maybe you'll get something too. And of course, tell me about it!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Can't stop rocking and rolling!!

The Doodling Together folks have started a new project -- the letter C! Yayayayaya! So I took (err claimed) a full unstrung tile in the middle of the letter.. And planned on other tangles but alas, I fell back to two of my favorites. Diva Dance - Rock and Roll (yeah yet again) and Flux.  Lots of rolling waves in both the R&R and Flux vine. I love the movement or perhaps I'm just straight line impaired. And well, add the letter C with a big huge rose-like thing in it.. and you get... Come on say it!

Anyway, since I had a full square without any predetermined bold black string lines.. I decided to do it on an official Zentangle tile. So here it is. Let me know what you think. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

My first Diva Challenge entry and Bijou tile

Diva Challenge #179 - Be Like Bijou

So I've finally (albeit late I think) did my first entry into the Diva Challenge thingy.. I've done other tiles but not submitted them, this is my first. You can learn about the Bijou tiles at the official site: I love the Diva Dance tangle (I believe this is Rock and Roll). It always makes a beautiful rose look, so why not emphasize it.. I mean after all.. A rose is a rose is a rose... :)