Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of these days...

Yeah, one of these days I'll keep up with this blog. I think it'll be after Miss X turns 18.. though I'm hoping it'll be sooner than that! :)

Things have been really busy with life and art.

I was looking thru the slideshows I had posted for both the Fractal Play and the Doodles and realized how far behind I am with new work there... I also am far behind and showing none of this on my website. So my tentative goal for the next few months (AKA before the year ends) is to bring both of those up to speed.

But what about here?? Well, don't worry. That is getting updated in the process. I have quite a few swaps for the Zentangle, tangle, doodle, lineart work to go up. Plus the digital artwork and hopefully this month I'll have a few more surprises.

OK, that being said.. let's add a few pictures so this isn't just a boring text post!

Until later! -charmarose
PCT2 Fractal in Orange on Black at Society6

Fall Blossom Fractal at RedBubble

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Doodles - Monotangle Swap

OK in an interest to start updating this. I will be posting some past stuff that has gotten done that hasn't been 'blogged' yet. So here we go.

A few months ago I started 'actively' participating in some swaps from the Facebook page, Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap. I had joined quite awhile back, but hadn't done the swaps due to time. When I joined, I figured it would be a good way to get me back to doing more tiles since I had been so engrossed in getting my Society6/Redbubble designs loaded and updated.

The first swap that I joined was an ATC Monotangle swap. This means one tangle only on an 2.5x3.5 card. I chose to do a variant of the Mooka tangle for all my cards. Some I colored with water color pencils, alcohol inks, acrylic paints, or just left plain with graphite pencil shading.

That being said. Here's the pictures that I took.
The Monotangle Swap collection. 
The topmost card is the one that I kept because it became one of my product lines on Society6 and Redbubble shops (appropriate links included). 
Pigment Pen, Alcohol Inks, and Acrylic Paint
The Alcohol Inks were too dark in this one.. I forgot to blot my dauber beforehand. But I do love the colors. This one turned out mostly how I had hoped.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
This turned out mostly how I wanted as well. I liked the contrast of the fuschia/purple against the starkness of the black/white picture.
Pigment Pen, Pigment Ink
I liked how this one turned out with the golden pigment ink and multiple Mookas.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencil
The colors in this one were awesome! Very pleased with this one.
Pigment Pen, Derwent Intense Pencil
This Mooka variant was purposely off-centered. I really liked how it turned out. The colorings were simple with the yellow/golden tone.
Pigment Pen, Graphite Pencil
I realized I was coloring each of them, so I decided to do a few in plain black and white. I liked this variant with it coming from the lower corner.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils, Frost Acrylic Paint
Unfortunately the sparkle can't be seen in this, but each tip has frosted white acrylic paint on it. Very subtle but I thought it was a pretty touch. I also loved the background gradient that was achieved with the watercolors.
Pigment Pen and Graphite Pencil
Trying for another different layout of the Mooka variants.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
Another one from the side this time with some 'roots'. I liked this one though it got a little sloppy with the watercolors.. too much water on my brush.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
Again, still getting used to using the brush especially on cardstock.. probably not my best thought process. But it's a learning process. I loved the colors in this one too.

Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
This was also a favorite and also one I overwatered.. hey, kinda like real plants! But loved how it came out still.
Pigment Pen, Alcohol Ink and Acrylic Paint
This one didn't turn out as planned. Again too heavy with the ink on the dauber.. Then the acrylic paint color didn't come out the way I had planned.

Now here are the ones I received from this swap. From TOP LEFT to BOTTOM RIGHT:
Karen S., Vonnie S., Anoeska W., Lori W., Janice R., Kathy H., Jennifer S., Rachel F., Melody H., Melissa G., Michelle R., and Terri B. 
Monotangle Swap tiles received.
It's really awesome to receive such beautiful work from across the world.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Blog Neglect

I have been neglecting my blog again. For once though, it's not because of life in general!!!

I have been working hard to get my Print on Demand (PoD) sites up and running. I showed you the fractals I have been working on last time, though there have been many more. I have also been doing some straight graphic design pieces as well as converting over a few of my doodles so far.

Am I finding success with the PoD market?? Yes and no. This takes so much time to promote and update your work.. let alone create it in the first place! I haven't sold a lot but it's building slowly.

It's just a matter of whether you want to get sucked into everything or just focus on a particular market, field of work, etc. Do you want to go for the mainstream market, or be true to your own designs? For me, I want to stay true to me which means creating from my heart. So that's what I'm doing. It may not seem like it makes sense or that I don't have a 'brand'. But I have always been a jack of all trades. You'll see the fractal work, the doodling, some photography and who knows what else.

My main problem right now is to streamline my processes, build a 'stock' so I can continuously publish without gaps like I have now, and NOT get sucked down the tube of going everywhere. Why do I feel like this is a "Keys to the Game" comment.. ah well, it is what it is!

In addition to that, I truly do want to get my jewelry product lines running. I have started getting together my plans for that and hope to launch jewelry again this summer. This summer will also restart my glass art and beads. Something to look forward to seeing I hope!

So there's a status update from Charma Rose Designs! Yay!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fractals, fractals everywhere!!!

I've been doing a lot of fractal work lately. I post them to my Society6 page and Facebook. And I have a store link to the right over there. But I figured I would post some of them here too.

Here's the first sad one that I did. I was experimenting with fractals for the first time after going thru all the tutorials with my application. I just thought this was pretty though. It's called Velvet and Pearls.

This was done straight out of the fractal program that I use so no editing or additional manipulations were done. I was also curious how Society6 worked with images so up it went.

The next one I did was for Valentines. I had created this gorgeous fractal in deep reds and thought it would look great as a fill for a heart. So I went into Photoshop and created this BIG HEART!
How's that for a statement?? Well, I thought it was pretty, but wanted to do multiples. I originally took multiple cuts from the full fractal but I was hitting a technical issue (aka -- at the time the threshold of my digital editing capabilities). So instead I did a Heart Trio of them at slightly different angles. It looked pretty cute on some products.

So my next fractal is in the lavender grey spectrum.. and it's back to pearls. I had been playing with an online tutorial and got distracted as I'm likely to do. I came up with this print. I really liked how it turned out with the sphere (or pearl) behind it giving the whole image a gradient then the actual fractal laying on top of that.. I just thought it was a beautiful composition. I like the muted colors as well. Very calm and relaxing.

These made fantastic products on Society6 too. Here's a link to the Pearls in Lavender. This is also when I found that I didn't like the shirts with a block printout like the above. It just bugged me to see that. So I took creative license with all these images and played with the cutouts to make the edges not so blocked. Here's an example of this one.

This one is out of the timeline but the lavender pearl is inspiring another line for my friend at his request. He asked for a rust orange or acid green color scheme. So I combined them both. 
Here is my 'For Chris' out of line.. but wow what a nice pillow it will make!

And of course, here's the shirt with the cut out.

Next in line is what I call my Wind Rose. I was playing with the kaleidoscope settings and created this fractal. As I played with it more, it created a flower in the center and then what looked like a star. I decided to cut out the star then created a 16 legged one. To me, it looked like a compass rose. But I felt like it had too many legs. So I looked up the information and came across the wind rose. With the color scheme being so earthy I thought it fit.

Stars begot flowers. I was playing with another tutorial that made daisies. I like daisies.. but wasn't keen on doing one. I started playing with some other ideas and created an image that looked like a tree branch. I got excited and decided that I wanted to do a cherry blossom tree branch.. Well, that didn't quite go as planned and instead I created this last image which I call Spring Flowers. I loved the green, pinks and yellows of this image. It has become my newest favorite. Most current tends to do that.

I spent a lot of time on the images for this and am really happy with the Society6 products for this one. I love the phone case though as I highlighted the pink flower in the upper center. The laptop skin and case designs that are more rectangular covers both the green burnt image and the pink flower.. And of course, it has it's own cut out for the shirt.

Well, I do have a number of other fractals that I have done but have not published to Society6 products yet. I will likely play with them so more before I do so. 

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy.. please feel free to use all the links above and of course, any purchase would be greatly appreciated in supporting me on my journey. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New and Updated Diva Challenge #204

Happy day after V-day! 

It was pretty low key at our house for Valentines Day. Nice and relaxing with no pressure. Just the way I like it! 

Here's my second Valentangle entry for the Diva Challenge #204. It is also on my water colored paper using my Copics, a red Sharpie pen and pencil.

Here is the original Valentangle finished. I shaded with pencil and used different weight Copics plus the red Sharpie pen again. I did heartfully in a loose grid with one line done in auras and colored. It actually came out the way I had hoped!

Here is my other tile that I had presented shaded and finished. Just a random doodle on my water colored paper again.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Some doodles and the DIVA Challenge #204

As you have probably noticed, I've been finally posting stuff again. It got really busy with the holidays and end of the school semester with the boys. Then starting it all up again.. I could really use another 12 maybe 24 hours in a day... :) 

So hopefully I won't get in trouble for this but I haven't completed my Valentangle for the Diva Challenge #204. I filled in my tile but haven't shaded or finished adding details. I'm preparing to do my ATCs for a Monotangle swap so I guess I had it in my mind to do a monotangle for this. I chose to do Heartfully which is created by one of my favorite artists in this medium. So here's the tile so far. I will be finishing it up this weekend and reposting the finished tile. 

This second tile was a mini watercolored tile that I had made awhile back.. I was just playing and again, I haven't gone thru and finished it yet. I like to shade, and there's none of it yet.. so that'll be updated as well this weekend. But I really like how it's turning out. In this picture it's very yellow/orange but that's because my lighting was tweaked. Hope to fix that on the final posting

This last one was from my notebook. I had actually finished working on it last week but this is the first I've had a chance to take a picture of it. I'm not sure that it's done yet. This was the first doodle that I had completed in my notebook in a LONG time. I tried a lot of different things, and I liked the way it turned out.
Anyway, that's it for now. I will update again on Sunday with the completed tiles.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Society6 uploads

Whew, the last few weeks have been busy for me!

I took some time away to get stuff done. A lot of it was work around the house, paperwork and health stuff. Plus the typical kids stuff including my oldest turning 15!!! Yikes, where did that time go?!? But I did have some time to work on some doodles (which I will share later) and some jewelry stuff (again, I will share later..). So, it was all a good thing!

I haven't taken the time to work on my RWC stuff. Though indirectly, I kind of have. The last one being laxative. And I've been working on getting all the stuff that's been blocking me up out! :) How's that for a disgusting visual?

For the last two days, I have been working on my fractals and digital work. So that's what this post is about. On Society6, my Doodled Rose & Vine image now has more products available including a t-shirt design that is specific only to the t-shirts. Why? Well, there's a reason for it. I felt that the tile look just didn't look right on the t-shirt itself. In fact, I hated it. So I took some liberties and decided that I was going to do multiple tiles to pull it all together. I like the end result and I hope others will too. We'll see.

But in the meantime, I do want to say that I purchased my art print as well as my tote bag of the Doodled Rose & Vine design and I absolutely LOVE them. I know, I'm biased. It's my own stuff... but it is so nice to see a design that you made on some quality stuff. It's just way cool. And I adore my pair of doodled tote bags. (See the original one I purchased here from our Doodling Together group.)

So back to fractals.. In honor of Valentine's day coming up and since I never do things in time for it to be helpful.. I created a fractal and digitally modified it into a Big Heart... awwwww!!! Seriously, the swirling effect and color of the Newton fractal just screamed V-day heart to me.. So therefore I spent every limited free moment in the day doing it! Wow, talk about a crash course in Photoshop. It had been a long time since I've done anything in the app.. and it was painful remembering how to do it.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty accomplished as that is a number of products uploaded now.

Please take a moment to look at the links. And better yet, purchasing something supports me on my endeavor to support myself doing something I love!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 19, 2015

RWCT#3 - Laxative


OK, unexpectedly, my word for the week is 'laxative'. 

I took one look at it and just laughed because I definitely could use some relief from all the sh*t in my head!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of a laxative week for me!

Wrap-up of Week #2 - RWCT#2 and some randomness

My RWCT for the week was snow. I spent some time playing around with ideas I had in my head. I have this thing that I keep thinking I really want to see done and I'm trying to figure out how to show it in jewelry and/or some drawings. But I'm not quite getting there. There's something I really want to try in jewelry design that might finally get it out of my head but I can't do that until I get into my studio and make it fireproof again. It will require some torchwork. So anyway.. I've been complaining about not doing any creative work. And I actually felt like I achieved some stuff this week. Doesn't still look like much on paper, but at least I'm getting some stuff out.

Here's a random tile I did with some of my favorite tangles on it. Totally random string and just went with it. Nothing uniform and no 'planned' theme or anything. I wasn't sure I would like it, but now that it's done, I kind of do.

This will be a design at some time. I love these flowers. I don't know what they are but we have some in our front yard and they have been blooming. I think it's a little early but since the weather has been very warm, I think it's prompting them to bloom. If you know what they are, let me know. 

And last but not least, I watched Vampire Academy for the first time this last week and then watched it again this last weekend with one of my sons. I have fallen in love with the necklace design that the main character of the movie gets for the dance. This isn't actually it, but this is similar to one that I wanted to create. Yup, I have a thing for the rose look. I wonder why.... LOL!

Well, that's the week in a wrap up. New randomness to generate so I can start a new week with at least a thought. Though as we have seen so far, I'm not sticking to the theme too much. ROFL! But it's good if I get stuck.

Be well!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Diva #200 Bi-zen-tennial Celebration Challenge

This week marked the Diva's 200th challenge. The challenge was to use your favorite or go-to tangle pattern as a monotangle (only tangle involved) without borders and including the 200 in it.

I love a lot of tangles. But one of my favorites is 'nzeppel and especially this variant called cockles 'n' mussels. So that's what I used..

This is filtered with the noir setting. 

The actual work is done on a blank coaster tile. In fact, here's the actual non-noir filtered image. It looks a little more yellow/brown due to the late night lighting.. I like the noir setting because it brings it back to the black and white image that it mostly is. However, this unfiltered image kind of makes it more beachy I think. Especially with the blue background (inside of my notebook) and the shell patterns). 
Well, thanks for looking and enjoy! Or better yet, come join the fun and do a challenge yourself. Grab a pen, pencil (if you want) and some paper! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RWCT #2 - Snow

Last week was crazy with school starting up again. We did well after two weeks of non-scheduled activities. I jumped on the horse and started doing quite a bit of mental organization via to do lists.. it felt good to have completed many task items that were lingering around. I even took time to do some journaling and some doodling. I participated in the first challenge in awhile and it just felt good to do something creative again. And I balanced that out well with getting things done around the house too.. Big time win for me. 

So here's a pic of my week. Not much balancing showing here but it was done believe me!

So now on to the Random Word Creation Time (RWCT) challenge.

My word for today is snow.


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Diva Challenge #199 - UMT Hitched

This weeks Diva Challenge was to use the tangle pattern Hitched.

I had fun using variants of it and kept the tile simple. Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy 2015 and RWCT Challenge #1

Oh my.. I knew I had been ignoring this place for awhile but I didn't realize it had been so long!

 Well, Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! 

As always, the new year brings lots of new ideas and plans. I spent the last months (yes literally months) thinking and reviewing my life and my business plan. It was a hard look and some tough personal decisions later, I have decided upon a path and will be working towards it.

First and foremost, I will be dealing with the neglect I feel that my husband and children have had in the last few years. It may not seem like there has been with all my activities and comments about running around and doing this and that with the family. But I have realized there is a difference between being physically present versus mentally present. So my goal is to remedy that.

My secondary goal is for me. My love is in creating.. why else do you think I have Charma Rose Designs?!? It started from my initial passion in creating things.. and I have created very little lately.. Time to get that rolling again and feel good about it, myself and my life. After all, a happy mommy helps provide for a happy family.

So with that being said. I'm starting one of my new things this year.. Every week, I will devote my creation time to a random word and what it means to me. Monday I will announce it.. thru the rest of the week I will post thoughts and/or images of what comes from it. It may only be write-up or a sketch of a design.. but by Sunday there will be an additional post from the outcome of this brainstorm. Feel free to join me and post/link yours in my comments!

Now on to the Random Word Creation Time (RWCT) challenge.

Funny enough, my word for today is balance.

There are so many things that come to mind with this word. I'm looking forward to exploring this in an artistic way and bring some balance back to my life. ❤️