Monday, January 19, 2015

RWCT#3 - Laxative


OK, unexpectedly, my word for the week is 'laxative'. 

I took one look at it and just laughed because I definitely could use some relief from all the sh*t in my head!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of a laxative week for me!

Wrap-up of Week #2 - RWCT#2 and some randomness

My RWCT for the week was snow. I spent some time playing around with ideas I had in my head. I have this thing that I keep thinking I really want to see done and I'm trying to figure out how to show it in jewelry and/or some drawings. But I'm not quite getting there. There's something I really want to try in jewelry design that might finally get it out of my head but I can't do that until I get into my studio and make it fireproof again. It will require some torchwork. So anyway.. I've been complaining about not doing any creative work. And I actually felt like I achieved some stuff this week. Doesn't still look like much on paper, but at least I'm getting some stuff out.

Here's a random tile I did with some of my favorite tangles on it. Totally random string and just went with it. Nothing uniform and no 'planned' theme or anything. I wasn't sure I would like it, but now that it's done, I kind of do.

This will be a design at some time. I love these flowers. I don't know what they are but we have some in our front yard and they have been blooming. I think it's a little early but since the weather has been very warm, I think it's prompting them to bloom. If you know what they are, let me know. 

And last but not least, I watched Vampire Academy for the first time this last week and then watched it again this last weekend with one of my sons. I have fallen in love with the necklace design that the main character of the movie gets for the dance. This isn't actually it, but this is similar to one that I wanted to create. Yup, I have a thing for the rose look. I wonder why.... LOL!

Well, that's the week in a wrap up. New randomness to generate so I can start a new week with at least a thought. Though as we have seen so far, I'm not sticking to the theme too much. ROFL! But it's good if I get stuck.

Be well!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Diva #200 Bi-zen-tennial Celebration Challenge

This week marked the Diva's 200th challenge. The challenge was to use your favorite or go-to tangle pattern as a monotangle (only tangle involved) without borders and including the 200 in it.

I love a lot of tangles. But one of my favorites is 'nzeppel and especially this variant called cockles 'n' mussels. So that's what I used..

This is filtered with the noir setting. 

The actual work is done on a blank coaster tile. In fact, here's the actual non-noir filtered image. It looks a little more yellow/brown due to the late night lighting.. I like the noir setting because it brings it back to the black and white image that it mostly is. However, this unfiltered image kind of makes it more beachy I think. Especially with the blue background (inside of my notebook) and the shell patterns). 
Well, thanks for looking and enjoy! Or better yet, come join the fun and do a challenge yourself. Grab a pen, pencil (if you want) and some paper! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RWCT #2 - Snow

Last week was crazy with school starting up again. We did well after two weeks of non-scheduled activities. I jumped on the horse and started doing quite a bit of mental organization via to do lists.. it felt good to have completed many task items that were lingering around. I even took time to do some journaling and some doodling. I participated in the first challenge in awhile and it just felt good to do something creative again. And I balanced that out well with getting things done around the house too.. Big time win for me. 

So here's a pic of my week. Not much balancing showing here but it was done believe me!

So now on to the Random Word Creation Time (RWCT) challenge.

My word for today is snow.


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Diva Challenge #199 - UMT Hitched

This weeks Diva Challenge was to use the tangle pattern Hitched.

I had fun using variants of it and kept the tile simple. Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy 2015 and RWCT Challenge #1

Oh my.. I knew I had been ignoring this place for awhile but I didn't realize it had been so long!

 Well, Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! 

As always, the new year brings lots of new ideas and plans. I spent the last months (yes literally months) thinking and reviewing my life and my business plan. It was a hard look and some tough personal decisions later, I have decided upon a path and will be working towards it.

First and foremost, I will be dealing with the neglect I feel that my husband and children have had in the last few years. It may not seem like there has been with all my activities and comments about running around and doing this and that with the family. But I have realized there is a difference between being physically present versus mentally present. So my goal is to remedy that.

My secondary goal is for me. My love is in creating.. why else do you think I have Charma Rose Designs?!? It started from my initial passion in creating things.. and I have created very little lately.. Time to get that rolling again and feel good about it, myself and my life. After all, a happy mommy helps provide for a happy family.

So with that being said. I'm starting one of my new things this year.. Every week, I will devote my creation time to a random word and what it means to me. Monday I will announce it.. thru the rest of the week I will post thoughts and/or images of what comes from it. It may only be write-up or a sketch of a design.. but by Sunday there will be an additional post from the outcome of this brainstorm. Feel free to join me and post/link yours in my comments!

Now on to the Random Word Creation Time (RWCT) challenge.

Funny enough, my word for today is balance.

There are so many things that come to mind with this word. I'm looking forward to exploring this in an artistic way and bring some balance back to my life. ❤️