Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fractals, fractals everywhere!!!

I've been doing a lot of fractal work lately. I post them to my Society6 page and Facebook. And I have a store link to the right over there. But I figured I would post some of them here too.

Here's the first sad one that I did. I was experimenting with fractals for the first time after going thru all the tutorials with my application. I just thought this was pretty though. It's called Velvet and Pearls.

This was done straight out of the fractal program that I use so no editing or additional manipulations were done. I was also curious how Society6 worked with images so up it went.

The next one I did was for Valentines. I had created this gorgeous fractal in deep reds and thought it would look great as a fill for a heart. So I went into Photoshop and created this BIG HEART!
How's that for a statement?? Well, I thought it was pretty, but wanted to do multiples. I originally took multiple cuts from the full fractal but I was hitting a technical issue (aka -- at the time the threshold of my digital editing capabilities). So instead I did a Heart Trio of them at slightly different angles. It looked pretty cute on some products.

So my next fractal is in the lavender grey spectrum.. and it's back to pearls. I had been playing with an online tutorial and got distracted as I'm likely to do. I came up with this print. I really liked how it turned out with the sphere (or pearl) behind it giving the whole image a gradient then the actual fractal laying on top of that.. I just thought it was a beautiful composition. I like the muted colors as well. Very calm and relaxing.

These made fantastic products on Society6 too. Here's a link to the Pearls in Lavender. This is also when I found that I didn't like the shirts with a block printout like the above. It just bugged me to see that. So I took creative license with all these images and played with the cutouts to make the edges not so blocked. Here's an example of this one.

This one is out of the timeline but the lavender pearl is inspiring another line for my friend at his request. He asked for a rust orange or acid green color scheme. So I combined them both. 
Here is my 'For Chris' out of line.. but wow what a nice pillow it will make!

And of course, here's the shirt with the cut out.

Next in line is what I call my Wind Rose. I was playing with the kaleidoscope settings and created this fractal. As I played with it more, it created a flower in the center and then what looked like a star. I decided to cut out the star then created a 16 legged one. To me, it looked like a compass rose. But I felt like it had too many legs. So I looked up the information and came across the wind rose. With the color scheme being so earthy I thought it fit.

Stars begot flowers. I was playing with another tutorial that made daisies. I like daisies.. but wasn't keen on doing one. I started playing with some other ideas and created an image that looked like a tree branch. I got excited and decided that I wanted to do a cherry blossom tree branch.. Well, that didn't quite go as planned and instead I created this last image which I call Spring Flowers. I loved the green, pinks and yellows of this image. It has become my newest favorite. Most current tends to do that.

I spent a lot of time on the images for this and am really happy with the Society6 products for this one. I love the phone case though as I highlighted the pink flower in the upper center. The laptop skin and case designs that are more rectangular covers both the green burnt image and the pink flower.. And of course, it has it's own cut out for the shirt.

Well, I do have a number of other fractals that I have done but have not published to Society6 products yet. I will likely play with them so more before I do so. 

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy.. please feel free to use all the links above and of course, any purchase would be greatly appreciated in supporting me on my journey. 

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