Sunday, February 15, 2015

New and Updated Diva Challenge #204

Happy day after V-day! 

It was pretty low key at our house for Valentines Day. Nice and relaxing with no pressure. Just the way I like it! 

Here's my second Valentangle entry for the Diva Challenge #204. It is also on my water colored paper using my Copics, a red Sharpie pen and pencil.

Here is the original Valentangle finished. I shaded with pencil and used different weight Copics plus the red Sharpie pen again. I did heartfully in a loose grid with one line done in auras and colored. It actually came out the way I had hoped!

Here is my other tile that I had presented shaded and finished. Just a random doodle on my water colored paper again.

Thanks for looking!


  1. All 3 are well done and look fabulous. I need to learn how to use my Copics too. Hubby got me a small set but I haven't used them yet. Great job!

    1. These are the copic multiliners which are similar to the microns.. I have the copic sketch markers as well and I still have yet to learn to use them properly. I tried doing some thank you cards with them and had a horrible time of it. Practice needed definitely! As for the Copic Multiliners.. I LOVE love love love love!!! those. They seem to outlast and just outdo my microns every time.

  2. Very nice! I especially like the heartfully/aura tile.

  3. Thank you all for the comments! I really appreciate the time taken to leave them!