Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Doodles - Monotangle Swap

OK in an interest to start updating this. I will be posting some past stuff that has gotten done that hasn't been 'blogged' yet. So here we go.

A few months ago I started 'actively' participating in some swaps from the Facebook page, Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap. I had joined quite awhile back, but hadn't done the swaps due to time. When I joined, I figured it would be a good way to get me back to doing more tiles since I had been so engrossed in getting my Society6/Redbubble designs loaded and updated.

The first swap that I joined was an ATC Monotangle swap. This means one tangle only on an 2.5x3.5 card. I chose to do a variant of the Mooka tangle for all my cards. Some I colored with water color pencils, alcohol inks, acrylic paints, or just left plain with graphite pencil shading.

That being said. Here's the pictures that I took.
The Monotangle Swap collection. 
The topmost card is the one that I kept because it became one of my product lines on Society6 and Redbubble shops (appropriate links included). 
Pigment Pen, Alcohol Inks, and Acrylic Paint
The Alcohol Inks were too dark in this one.. I forgot to blot my dauber beforehand. But I do love the colors. This one turned out mostly how I had hoped.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
This turned out mostly how I wanted as well. I liked the contrast of the fuschia/purple against the starkness of the black/white picture.
Pigment Pen, Pigment Ink
I liked how this one turned out with the golden pigment ink and multiple Mookas.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencil
The colors in this one were awesome! Very pleased with this one.
Pigment Pen, Derwent Intense Pencil
This Mooka variant was purposely off-centered. I really liked how it turned out. The colorings were simple with the yellow/golden tone.
Pigment Pen, Graphite Pencil
I realized I was coloring each of them, so I decided to do a few in plain black and white. I liked this variant with it coming from the lower corner.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils, Frost Acrylic Paint
Unfortunately the sparkle can't be seen in this, but each tip has frosted white acrylic paint on it. Very subtle but I thought it was a pretty touch. I also loved the background gradient that was achieved with the watercolors.
Pigment Pen and Graphite Pencil
Trying for another different layout of the Mooka variants.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
Another one from the side this time with some 'roots'. I liked this one though it got a little sloppy with the watercolors.. too much water on my brush.
Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
Again, still getting used to using the brush especially on cardstock.. probably not my best thought process. But it's a learning process. I loved the colors in this one too.

Pigment Pen, Watercolor Pencils
This was also a favorite and also one I overwatered.. hey, kinda like real plants! But loved how it came out still.
Pigment Pen, Alcohol Ink and Acrylic Paint
This one didn't turn out as planned. Again too heavy with the ink on the dauber.. Then the acrylic paint color didn't come out the way I had planned.

Now here are the ones I received from this swap. From TOP LEFT to BOTTOM RIGHT:
Karen S., Vonnie S., Anoeska W., Lori W., Janice R., Kathy H., Jennifer S., Rachel F., Melody H., Melissa G., Michelle R., and Terri B. 
Monotangle Swap tiles received.
It's really awesome to receive such beautiful work from across the world.