Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of these days...

Yeah, one of these days I'll keep up with this blog. I think it'll be after Miss X turns 18.. though I'm hoping it'll be sooner than that! :)

Things have been really busy with life and art.

I was looking thru the slideshows I had posted for both the Fractal Play and the Doodles and realized how far behind I am with new work there... I also am far behind and showing none of this on my website. So my tentative goal for the next few months (AKA before the year ends) is to bring both of those up to speed.

But what about here?? Well, don't worry. That is getting updated in the process. I have quite a few swaps for the Zentangle, tangle, doodle, lineart work to go up. Plus the digital artwork and hopefully this month I'll have a few more surprises.

OK, that being said.. let's add a few pictures so this isn't just a boring text post!

Until later! -charmarose
PCT2 Fractal in Orange on Black at Society6

Fall Blossom Fractal at RedBubble