Basic doodling resources to get started with...

I got into this doodling on accident.

I was purchasing my annual journal from Amazon using my birthday gift card. Under the 'bought with this'.. section, there were all these things on Zentangle. I had never heard of it, but the images captured my eyes as I always loved patterns. And that began my journey into doodling.

Zentangle is a meditative process that uses these doodling techniques. You can read more about it at the creators website, I chose to dive right in and go my own route. So here are links to resources that I used and my own preferences.

Please note: for Amazon items below, if you purchase, please do so thru my link as it is setup with my associates account and would be much appreciated. Thanks!

What do you need? Honestly only a few tools.

The Zentangle process is a black and white foundation, however over the years, many have incorporated colors. Doodling obviously can be whatever color you want. The standard pen appears to be Sakura Micron Pigma pens for their quick drying, low bleeding capability. I absolutely love these pens. The following is a link to a package which included a selection of pens, some Zentangle tiles and a pencil for doing shading. Sakura 50011 11-Piece Zentangle Clamshell Pencil Set

Again, Zentangle uses tiles. They have official tiles at their website which are 3.5x3.5 inch ones. These are great tiles. You can also cut these yourself using quality watercolor paper. I purchased both the official tiles and some 4x4 coasters from Amazon which worked great with both the Micron Pigma pens and standard fine point Sharpies.  Qty 50 -Square Coasters for Beer, Cocktails, Protect Your Bar - Plain White Perfect for Craft Projects and Zentangle Amazon also sells Strathmore Artist Tiles that are 4x4.Strathmore Artist Tiles bristol vellum pack of 20 4 in. x 4 in. A notebook is also helpful. I have both a Strathmore and a Canson one, and I prefer the Canson though most of my postings have been with the Strathmore. Go figure. But any paper you desire can be used. The important part is finding a paper and pen combination that works where the pen does not smear or feather.

Standard pencils for shading are good to have.. but more important to me is a tortillon. Make or purchase some. You can look up instructions or buy Stumps And Tortillions Set.

If you are going to buy books, I would recommend one.. yes one. I think this is the best book out there that gives variety and shows some good inspirational examples. Some explains steps in their doodles, some explains the entire image. But an overall good book. Zen Doodle: Tons of Tangles

So then how do I get started once I have the tools??

Basic Process
Zentangle still provides a great process for basic tiles. I think people should start there. One thing I like about Zentangle is that there is no mistakes, no wrong way of doing something, no planning what you are doing.. in fact with Zentangle there is no erasing. For someone who has a huge inner critic, this is an amazing thing to work thru. So go there for the basics.

Goto This is why the books are unnecessary. There are tons upon tons upon tons of tangle patterns on this website.. And again, once you get the basics down, you may end up doing what I do and just start doing your own thing. That's all perfectly fine.

Mobile Organizers
OK this one is huge.. want an easy reference for patterns on your mobile device? I use my iPhone and iPad for this though there is an Android version too. But go to They have two applications that are available with a third on its way out. One is doodle patterns which is currently about 100 patterns and growing.. The other is the Organizer which allows you to input and organize your own patterns. These are awesome especially when you know you want to fill in a space with something and you're drawing a blank (no pun intended there!!!).

I know I do best when I see how someone does something. My absolute favorite youtube how to channel is She has how-tos on a lot of patterns. Some that made absolutely no sense to me, she did and suddenly I could do them. She is open to also helping people with patterns that they get stuck on.

I'll update this as I go or maybe create an intermediate page as I learn something new. But this is how I started and the resources I used for those that are interested.


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